NDIS Report Writing Webinar – Recording



Welcome all Allied Health Professionals, Support Coordinators, Psycho Social Recovery Coaches and other NDIS Professionals.

Throughout this recorded webinar, you’ll explore:

– The fundamental elements of high-quality NDIS reports.
– Strategies to effectively communicate client needs and align them with their NDIS goals.
– How to ensure your key recommendations are taken seriously and read attentively.
– The power of language: which words to utilise and which to avoid when crafting reports. (e.g. how to articulate a participant’s
mental health challenges concerning their disability needs)
– How to depict client situations in a lucid, succinct, and impactful manner.
– What disclaimers should be included for ethical and compliance purposes.
– Tips for upholding NDIS compliance.
– Real-world examples and case studies.
– How to delineate report limitations.
– With an emphasis on language and communication, you’ll acquire the skills necessary to accurately and ethically convey your insights,
ensuring that your NDIS reports are not only comprehensive but also influential.

Upon registering for this NDIS Report Writing Webinar, you will gain access to a treasure trove of valuable resources, including
– A Comprehensive Report Writing Template: A pragmatic template to serve as the foundation for your NDIS reports. It will lead you through the vital sections, guaranteeing the effective structuring of your reports.

– 1.5-2 Hours of Expert Instruction: You will benefit from 1.5-2 hours of in-depth guidance from me, Monique van Zelm Felix. I will draw upon my 17 years of experience in disability to aid you in mastering the art of report writing.

– A Set of Comprehensive Notes: You will receive a set of notes summarising the advice, strategies, and insights shared during the webinar. These notes will serve as a convenient reference as you continue to enhance your report writing skills.


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