Welcome to Our Future Focus

Supporting meaningful lives

Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth, a family member supporting a loved one's journey, or an NDIS Social Worker dedicated to advancing your career, Our Future Focus is here to guide you towards your goals.

About ME

Hi, I'm Monique van Zelm Felix

I'm on a mission at Our Future Focus to create a brighter tomorrow for neurodivergent individuals and families. My goal is to unlock your potential, foster growth, and bring meaningful change to your life. As a dedicated provider of Clinical Social Work Services for NDIS participants and NDIS Social Workers, my approach is centered around empowering individuals and families within the neurodivergent community through a specialized and neuro-affirming approach, meaning that I look at your own strengths and resources and work with those to ensure you have the life you want.

My Mission

Elevating Lives, Unleashing Potential

Central to my journey is the belief that every individual, regardless of their neurotype, deserves a life filled with meaning and purpose. Guided by my slogan "Supporting Meaningful Lives," my commitment is to uplift your life across the lifespan, from 0 to 65 years. My services encompass both therapeutic work and capacity-building services, ensuring that each step of your journey is met with my understanding and support.

My Neuro-Affirming Approach

Resourcing, Understanding, Acceptance

My neuro-affirming approach is rooted in the values of resourcing, understanding, and accepting your unique neurotype. I provide a safe space where you can explore your identity and embrace your strengths. Recognizing that a meaningful life extends beyond therapy sessions, my approach focuses on all the elements that contribute to your well-being which may include your family, friends, community groups or creating these connections with you.

Inclusive Approach

Including Your Support Network

At Our Future Focus, I go beyond individual or family therapy. I believe that to truly create progress, it's essential to involve your family and support network. Collaboration with your loved ones ensures that the support you receive extends beyond the therapy room, creating a stronger foundation for your progress and growth. My service can be provided at your home, community space, via zoom or in my clinic located in Capalaba, Qld. I can arrange interpreters, ensure your sensory needs are considered and tailor the service to fit your unique neurotype. This is all part of the flexible and creative way that I will approach my work with you.

Services for NDIS Social Workers

Professional super vision & Development

My commitment to the neurodivergent community extends to NDIS Social Workers as well. For my fellow professionals, I provide vital services including professional supervision, offering guidance, and fostering a space for growth and reflection. Additionally, I offer opportunities for professional development and training, enabling you to enhance your skills and stay current in a rapidly evolving field. Please join my Facebook Group for NDIS Social Workers Here.